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IT-Technologie A.V. GmbH issued bonds, which are publicly traded on the Vienna Stock Exchange (the MTF).

Listed on the MTF VSE: 04.04.2022
Issuer: IT Technologie A.V.GmbH
Total bonds value: EUR 37,000,000
Nominal value: EUR 100,000

Interest: 9.5% per annum
Interest is payable in arrears on 4th April in each year, commencing on 4th April 2023.


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Through our extensive expertise in developing platform and infrastructure FinTech solutions, FinTech Ideas established itself as a unique, astounding and favorable group of companies using innovative technologies to create mutually beneficial opportunities.

Our aim is to design uncomplicated and advanced solutions and we seek to achieve them through sustainable customer partnerships.

IT-Technologie A.V. GmbH rooted as a marketing and media project startup in Germany, grew internationally as FinTech Ideas.

The company is headquartered in Berlin with development offices in USA, India, Israel, and Poland.

With over 200 professionals in 6 countries, the team's multinational and multicultural character allows us to get a synergetic effect when creating our projects and services.§


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What we do?

In 2021, IT-Technologies A.V. GmbH team has commenced a development of an instant automatic settlement and clearance platform for digital assets and regular currencies (IASCP).

This is a protocol that empowers interoperability between blockchains to reduce transfer and exchange fees, as well as the time consumers spend whilst trading different classes of digital assets like coupons, tokens, cryptocurrencies. IASCP is theB2B2C solution.

IASCP is a key element of the LIBER project, the core banking systems, which pretends to be a universal enable for neo banks of future to process any digital asset. We hope that LIBER will compete with the SWIFT. Moreover LIBER launching could give a birth to numerous Saas, Baas and platform banking projects. In a view of the latter the LIBER’s rivals are MasterCard and Visa!

What do we offer?

To finance LIBER and LIBER SAVE, IT-Technologie A.V. GmbH issued bonds, which are publicly traded on the Vienna Stock Exchange (the MTF).

Intended use of raised funds:
LIBER beta: EUR 2.500.000
LIBER SAVE platform: EUR 3.500.000
Bizdev Setup: EUR 8.000.000
Marketing: EUR 23.000.000.

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